Data Management

Our Data Management Consulting provide an excellent and expertise in Design Data and Libraries for Businesses, Organizations Government. Which require planning, assessment and strategic approach. We help businesses to improve on product design quality, reduce production costs, and decrease product life cycle. Data is vital to all business. The availability of data is very important, the data has to be secure and protected.

At hosttor we know that we need to understand your business before we can plan a solution for your business needs. We go the extra mile to make sure that our clients are on track. We provide 24/7 support, adequate training, practical skills, industry standard best practices, in-depth knowledge of current and planned third-party vendor solutions. We are constantly providing solutions for your Internet connectivity, e-mail connectivity, anti-virus, spam, malware protection, backups, disaster protection and recovery, custom written software and much more.

Data Recovery

Our Data Recovery agents are professionals in recovery of lost data as a result of a virus on your pc, bad sectors, power surges, RAID failures and data deletion.

Data Destruction

Data destruction is an area of great importance to all businesses. If your data gets into the wrong hands, it could be devastating. There are many State and Federal regulations to secure data protection and disposal. We use industry standard practices for data destruction to make sure your data is safe.